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Enjoyable Family Christmas Games To Enjoy The Eve

Enjoyable family Christmas games to enjoy the eve

Christmas is the time of family reunions par excellence. During these days, families get together to eat, have fun and open the long-awaited gifts. There are many hours we spend sitting in front of the table. That is why family games are always good to liven up the wait for Santa Claus and spend a great time with the family.

A family that laughs together stays together. That is why we want to explain some of the best Christmas games to play as a family, for children, for adults, and in all their versions. Do not miss them and tell us which one is your favorite!

Family Christmas games

Family activities are a perfect way to hang out, have fun, and get to know each other better. Below you will find the best games for family Christmas, perfect for young and old to enjoy:

Who am I?

It is another of the classics that cannot be missed when we talk about family games. The only thing you will need is paper, a pencil, and some imagination. On the paper you should write a character, whether fiction or real, and you should put it on the forehead of the one sitting next to you. Doing all the same, each one will have a character in his head and, by means of yes or no questions, he will have to try to guess the character he is. A player will start his turn and he can ask until he fails an answer. Then, it will be the next player’s turn.


Christmas carols are undoubtedly one of the best things about Christmas, and singing excites children and adults alike. So why not do a Christmas version of karaoke? In a group, in duets, or alone, the options are many.

Also, thanks to new technologies, you don’t have to go anywhere to sing in a real karaoke. Video platforms like YouTube have countless bases and songs to delight your family with the best version of marimorena.

Socks race

This is a very fun competition in which all members of the family can participate. To carry it out, you will need 2 Christmas socks, candies, and two spoons (and enough space to play). You will divide into 2 groups and the objective will be for each group to fill their sock with candies. But it does not end here. To do it, you must go 1 by 1 from your position to the sock and, for 10 seconds, but the maximum number of candies inside the sock, yes, using only a spoon.


surely as children, you have all played this game. Yes, now you will adapt it to the Christmas season to play as a family. You will need some Christmas products or articles, at least there must be 10. You will put them on a tray and cover them. Then you will leave it in view for 20 seconds and the players will have to write the objects they have memorized on a piece of paper. Whoever comes closest will be the winner.

The shower

If someone just went to the hairdresser, it would be even more fun. This game is only for the brave! You have to fill a cup with water and then choose a specific topic, for example, brands of sports shoes. From here, each player must say their answer, if it is correct, pass the cup to the player on their side. The wheel will be followed until a player makes a mistake, does not know how to answer, or repeats an answer. Why is it called the shower? Because the one who fails will have to empty the cup on his head.

Tie suit

This is another one of the quick games to do in a group at Christmas that can bring great moments. You must all separate into pairs and use old ties (if they have Christmas decorations better!) The game consists in that each member must tie the tie to his partner using only one hand. The partner who gets it first wins, without cheating!

Rudolf course

You have to cut out paper or red cardboard making rounds. These red round ones will be the ones that you should put on your nose to imitate Rudolf, the reindeer. With a little water, you should hook your “snouts” on your nose. It does not hook a lot, does it? The grace is that you have to go and return to a point where you end up with the red paper on your nose without your hands touching it. Whoever falls to the ground must return to the starting point and start over.

Family Christmas games for kids

Christmas games for kids

Beyond Santa Claus, children are the real stars of Christmas. Here we explain the best games for children as a family so that they forget about the gifts and the console for a while and have a great time with the family:

Guess the object

To play this Christmas game you will need a large envelope, like the ones used to wrap some gifts, or wrapping paper. One child will be left with their eyes open while the others are in another room or with their eyes closed and will have to choose an object (it has to fit inside the envelope). Then the rest of the children, one by one, must touch the envelope and guess what is inside. When someone guesses it, they will be responsible for choosing the object and the rest will have to guess it.

In addition, this can also be a good idea to make small Christmas gifts, keeping the object the child who has guessed what it was.

Treasure hunt

It is about hiding throughout the house a series of elements typical of Christmas. Tree balls, reindeer figures, Christmas socks, etc. Once they are all hidden, with the children in a separate room and with their eyes covered, they must go out to find all the items. If the game takes a long time or they are very lost, you can give them some clues to help them and, finally, when all the objects have been found, the one who has found the most will have won. Depending on the number of children who are going to play, more objects should be hidden so that, at least, everyone has a chance to find one.

Paper ball

Games are one of the best games to instill values ​​in children. As you may already know, a large amount of garbage is generated during Christmas in the form of gift boxes and papers. That is why one of the Christmas games for children that you can do is the paper ball. What does it consist of? Very simple, it is about collecting all the paper that has been left over when unwrapping the gifts and putting them together in one place. With this paper, they will make a ball that will get bigger and bigger. When the ball is finished, it can be put together with adhesive tape so that it does not open and have a great time playing with it. Of course, once it is finished, you will have to remove the adhesive tape and throw the paper in the blue container.

Adult family Christmas games

Not only do children have the right to have fun, that is why we also wanted to leave a space to talk about Christmas games for adults:

I never never

It is never one of the most popular adult games and, of course, it can also be played during Christmas. Surely you already know it, but if this is not the case, then we will explain how it works. The rules are very easy. Someone must make a statement with the catchphrase I never before, for example, “I have never hated a Christmas present,” and people who have done it should have a drink of the drink that have in the glass. This is a game that can be very fun and make you have a great time. Also, depending on who is at the table? You can ask one type of question or another.

What do you prefer

What do you prefer is another of the typical adult games that we can also incorporate into games to play as a family? In turn, each person must propose a question with their two answers, and then each person must choose which their option is. An example of a question would be: During the invisible friend at Christmas, what do you prefer, forgetting to give your present gift or someone else forgetting to give your gift. Do you think it is not so bad?

Play s songs

Are you a music lover family? Well, surely this will be one of your favorite Christmas games. You must form two teams. Once they are formed, one person from the group must go to the other group to be told a song and, simply by humming it, the people on their team must guess what song it is. Ideally, you put a time limit and clear rules. For example, do you have to say the name of the song? Song and singer? Exact name or approximate name? Etc.

The liar

The liar is another of the games that cannot be absent in these Christmas tablecloths. In addition, the fact of playing it as a family gives it an extra difficulty that can make it even more fun. The dynamics of this group game are very simple. It involves each one telling three facts, anecdotes, or personal data about himself, which may be real or invented, and through questioning, the rest must guess which of them is true and which is false.

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