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Everything to learn about Aphrodisiac – Myth or Fact

Aphrodisiac is a love drug. It is a substance that increases libido. Libido is the sexual drive in a person. Aphrodisiacs are different from drugs that are used to heal fertility issues.


Aphrodisiac is a Greek name which is derived from the Greek goddess “Aphrodite”, the goddess of love. In the ancient times, everything associated with reproduction starting from pigeons were considered as aphrodisiac.

The Idea

The science of Aphrodisiacs believes that certain food and scent can increase the sexual desire in humans naturally. In other words, aphrodisiac is a natural stimulant of sexual desire. There are companies that produce drugs and mislabel them to aphrodisiac. For instance Viagra.

In order to be a true aphrodisiac the element should create desire and not improve performance.

What does Aphrodisiac do?

The sexual drive of humans, both men and women is controlled by a hormone called testosterone. When the level of the hormone is imbalanced in the body the sexual desire decreases. It can be due to biological reasons, stress, fear, depression, etc.

Aphrodisiac helps to maintain the hormone level. To know more about the aphrodisiac and its functions visit

How does aphrodisiac help to maintain Testosterone level – the sexual hormones?

The sexual stimulation begins in a mammal (or humans) when the living being sees, touches, feels, smells, hears or thinks. In short through the 6 senses.

Later a list of process happens

  1. When one of the 6 senses are senses a sexual stimulant, signals are sent to brain
  2. The brain now activates the pelvic muscles and tissues, creating an erection in males and expansion in females.
  3. During this process the heart rate increases
  4. The brain now releases norepinephrine and dopamine. The body now gets ready to be pleasurable.

When the brain releases less dopamine and other hormones, the body is unable to ready itself. This condition is called less sexual desire.

Aphrodisiacs help to increase the level of these hormones like dopamine, testosterone in the brain. This increases the pleasuring desire of the body.

Working of Aphrodisiacs

Scientists say that aphrodisiacs work in 2 different ways. They are

  • Working on brain
  • Working in body parts

Taking foods that are aphrodisiac increases the blood flow to the sexual organs. Therefore they react more increasing the hormone level in the brain which increases the sexual desire.

On the other hand, it also works on the brain. This is by increasing the responsive hormone secretions of the brain to the 6 sensations like seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and thinking.

Aphrodisiacs other than food


The scent of opposite partner can evoke desires and is an aphrodisiac. For instance smell of cheese pizza increases the desires by 5%, butter popcorn by 9%, pumpkin pie by 40%. The increase of the desire is mainly due to increased blood flow towards the genitals.

The following scents are aphrodisiac in nature:

  • Jasmine – It is a flower and is aphrodisiac to both men and women.
  • Lavender – It is usually combined with cedar wood and is aphrodisiac to men
  • Ylnag Ylang – It increases the libido. It is usually combined with bergamot and rose oil. It is considered to be the most powerful aphrodisiac scents
  • Patchouli – It is more a relaxing scent
  • Neroli – It is best suited for flirtations as the scent is overwhelming.

Human Pheromones

Pheromones are chemical substances produced by animals including humans. These are the scents of individual bodily fluids like sweat, urine, etc. The smell of these fluids, act as aphrodisiac stimulating the testosterone. There are other pheromones that do not have a name. It is the characteristic smell of the person. It differs from person to person. The glands on the top portion of the nose detect the pheromones.


Music can act as both aphrodisiac and anaphrodisiac. An anaphrodisiac is an agent that decreases the sexual desire. Music and dancing has even been followed as mating rituals in the ancient times


  • Exercises are aphrodisiacs as they increase the level of Endorphins in the brain.
  • Endorphins help in increasing the reacting powers of the organs
  • Exercising also helps to increase the blood flow to all parts of the body including the genitals

Inner thinking

When someone strongly meditates or keeps thinking about something, the brain induces that action and makes it happen. This is possible to make the body more inclined and responsive to sexual desire just by keep thinking positive about the aphrodisiac effects.

How does natural foods act as aphrodisiac?

The natural foods that relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow to the genitals are aphrodisiac. For instance pumpkins, beef contains large amount of protein. These proteins are digested in to amino acids that help to increase blood flow. Therefore pumpkins and beef are good aphrodisiac. The recipes of aphrodisiac foods can be found at

Similarly the Quercetin found in apples, garlic, grapes has anti – inflammatory properties and are good aphrodisiac. Generally anti – inflammatory properties are associated with healing of wounds. They heal wounds by increasing the blood flow to the wounded tissues. This is done to supply more energy to the affected tissue. Therefore if the genitals are deprived of energy, these foods help to heal them. The energy deprivation in the genitals cannot be found through symptoms in the body. They ultimately become visual when problems start evolving like erectile dysfunction, etc. This can be due to stress, frequent masturbation, depression, etc.