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Graduation Party: The 10 Best Tips You Can’t Ignore

Graduation party: the 10 best tips you can’t ignore

You finally made it! You have reached the goal you have dreamed of so much: graduation. From today, the stress of exams, the commuter life, nights spent on books, and a worldly life equal to zero are just an old memory. With the graduation scroll in your hands, you can finally say “I did it!”.

Now is the time to grab a pen and paper and think about how to organize the graduation party. We are sure, however, that the stress of the thesis and the session did not make you think well about what to do. If you are missing the flash of genius to make your party unique, don’t worry! Below we will show you some cute ideas for graduation that you need to know to organize a memorable party for you and your guests. All you have to do is get comfortable and read the 10 best tips for celebrating your graduation party.

  1. The ideal location for the graduation party

We are sure that the first question that came to your mind is “Where do I celebrate?”. First of all, you have to choose a location that is known and easily accessible. Then think about the size of the room: exclude rooms that are too small, where you would not have enough space to move and move, and those that are too large where there is a risk of dispersion.

  1. Who to invite to graduation

If you invite friends and relatives, you can think of organizing one big party or having two separate parties. In the first case we recommend agritourism where both adults and children can have fun; if, on the other hand, you want to have two separate parties then think about going with your relatives to a restaurant or to some bar for a simple post-graduate aperitif. With your friends, on the other hand, you can choose a disco where you can go wild until dawn or a pub or an American bar where you can spend the evening. But that’s not all: if you have a large house or a villa in the countryside, these can be the ideal location for your graduation party.

  1. Graduation party: buffet or dinner?

According to your tastes, you can choose whether to opt for a buffet or if you prefer to be served at the table. Surely, if among the relatives there are elderly people, dinner is the ideal solution; while, if you only invite your friends or university colleagues, opt for the buffet, which is less serious and certainly easier.

  1. Themed graduation party

If you are thinking of an original graduation party that will leave everyone breathless, you can think of organizing a themed graduation party. Choose the mood of the evening according to your tastes: for example, if you like fashion, you can have an evening that incorporates the 1930s style, or if you love elegance you can ask your guests to dress black and white.

  1. The ideal music for the graduation party

The keyword for the success of your party is definitely fun. To brighten up the evening of your guests you can hire a DJ who will entertain you to the rhythm of house, dance, or commercial music, or you can contact a band that really makes you go wild with pop or folk music. Remember: your musical tastes must be the basis of your choice: a group that plays music you don’t like will never be able to entertain you!

  1. Alternative graduation party

If you want to make your graduation party truly sui generis, why not hire a comicor? At a precise moment of the evening, the comedian can entertain guests with a sketch of his in order to make the graduation party truly a show. If you want to overdo it, you can even put on a burlesque show.

  1. Capture the moments of your graduation

Although it is not a solution chosen by graduates, we recommend that you hire a photographer even during your party. In addition to the many selfies and home videos, you will surely love having professional souvenir photos with your guests, taken with the right light and in high quality.

  1. The decorations

To make the location you have chosen welcoming and on the theme, you have to decorate it as best as possible. Choose red balloons, festoons, and an elegant and refined mise en place. Remember: the details make the difference!

  1. Graduation Cake

One of the highlights of the party is the cutting of the cake. As you well know, those decorated with sugar paste are very popular. Choose this solution too if you want to have a sober and elegant cake: have details that recall the degree such as the touch and the parchment inserted.

  1. Wedding favors

The evening is over and now you just have to pay homage to your guests with a small present. As a wedding favor, you can choose both the classic display objects such as owls and ladybugs or you can give something useful as a keychain or a bookmark. If you follow these ten tips, your graduation party will be a success!