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How To Make The Snow White Witch Costume?

How to make the Snow White witch costume?

The witch costumes are more worn at parties, both Carnival and Halloween, or other costume parties. This is because it is an interesting topic to disguise themselves and because it is one of the easiest costumes to make.

Would you like to dress up as a witch this Halloween? Have you thought about dressing like one of the best-known witches? If you are interested in learning more, keep reading this article in which we will explain how to make the Snow White witch costume.

You will need to make a Snow White witch costume

  • A long purple dress or fabric to make it
  • A black and red cape or cloth to make it
  • A red apple, a small chest, or a hand mirror
  • A golden brooch with a large jewel
  • A red rope and a black balaclava
  • A rectangular piece of cloth and white and another gold
  • A large gold crown or cardstock to make it
  • Makeup

Step 1:

If we remember the witch’s appearance from Snow White or the evil Queen Grimhilde, we see that she wore a long purple dress, a black cape with a high neck, and white peeking out from behind her head with a large golden crown. Also, one of the most shocking images in the film is when the queen holds the chest with Snow White’s supposed heart in it. For this reason, your Snow White witch costume cannot be without a small box or chest.

Another option, if you cannot find a box that you like, is to take the famous red apple that the witch offers her stepdaughter Snow White to poison her or a small hand mirror, as we remember that this sorceress spoke with her magic mirror to find out things.

Step 2:

To start making a homemade Snow White witch costume, you need to find a long purple dress. If you don’t have any at home and you don’t want to share one, you can choose to do it yourself in a very simple way by following these steps:

  1. Buy twice your height of purple fabric, as this dress should cover your feet. Add 2 or 3 meters more to make the sleeves.
  2. Fold the fabric in half, put it in front and mark, behind it with chalk or needles, where the hem of the dress should be sewn if you want it to have it and where the neck hole should go and cut this hole.
  3. To make the sleeves, you must sew them so that they are wider at the bottom. Sew them on the large piece of fabric, joining the man to the rest of the length of the dress.
  4. Sew the sides of the dress and hem the bottom of the dress.

With these steps, you already have your Snow White witch dress and, if you want to give it a more realistic touch, you can add wide strips of gold fabric on the edges of the sleeves. In addition, although your feet will not be visible in principle, we recommend that you wear black ankle boots.

Step 3:

To get the cape of the evil queen costume, you can choose to buy one in a specialized store. If you choose this option, try to make it black on the outside and red on the inside. If you prefer to make the cape at home, you should get several meters of black fabric depending on your height and, if you want to make the inner part red, you will also need fabric of this color.

Sew the two fabrics together if you have opted for the double color layer and add a pair of cords at the top ends so that you can tie it when you put it on.

Step 4:

You can’t miss your homemade Snow White witch costume with the white collar that sticks out from behind the queen’s head and makes her look even more imposing. Take a piece of rectangular white fabric and cardboard to cover it with the white fabric, thus making it a stiff neck that stands on its own but can also be bent back a bit. Once you have it assembled, you must sew it to the top of the cape.

Step 5:

You will have to use a black balaclava to have the same appearance as Snow White’s stepmother. In addition, if you have some black fabric leftover from the cape, you can make a small tip to add it to the balaclava, as you can see in the images, and cover it like this on your forehead, exposing only the face.

Also, to make a realistic homemade Snow White witch costume and leave people impressed, you cannot miss details such as the large gold brooch with a huge red jewel in the center and a red cord or rope as a belt. Look around the house for a large jewel that can serve as a brooch, or buy a cheap one that seems ostentatious.

Step 6:

You have little left to finish the Snow White witch costume. Only a couple of important details remain, such as a large gold crown. You can buy a golden crown or you can make it by following these steps:

Cut out a gold card stock or paint it gold and then cut it into the shape you want the crown to be.

We recommend that you make two or three short ends on the sides and a higher central one.

Cut the base of the crown according to the size of your head so that it fits you well.

If it can’t stand on its own, you can add an elastic band.

Step 7:

Finally, you will need to know how to make up like the Queen of Snow White. Makeup must be very marked and you will achieve it by following these simple tips:

  1. Use a clear foundation to unify your face and give your skin a pale look.
  2. Use purple and white eyeshadow to mark the outermost part of the eyelid well.
  3. Wear deep red lipstick.
  4. Put on mascara that defines your lashes well and mark your brows well with a black brow pencil.

Final step

You already have your Snow White witch costume ready for Halloween. You should keep in mind that this costume is a good option to dress up in a group since other people could go with a Snow White, dwarf, or even the magic mirror costume.

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