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How To Organize A Bachelor Party: Original Ideas

How to organize a bachelor party: Original Ideas

When a friend or relative announces that they are getting married, it is time to organize an unforgettable bachelor party, that’s why we give you tips so that everything turns out perfect.

One of your best friends just gave you the big news, he’s getting married. You are happy and euphoric because you were wishing that someone close to you would take the steps towards the altar. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves and most of them forget about the organization part and that’s where you come in. You know the boyfriend better than anyone and that’s why everyone trusts you for a good  “hangover in las vegas” spree.

I am going to explain to you step by step, what you should take into account first of all so that the day of the farewell everything goes smoothly and be one of the best parties the groom has ever had.

The bachelor party, better with time

The first thing you have to do is talk to your friend, ask him directly who are the people who cannot miss his farewell, so you will avoid this problem 100%. When you have all the names and phone numbers, put them in a WhatsApp group or a secret Facebook group and start encouraging the staff to motivate them and start giving their ideas.

The next thing you should do is find the perfect day, if there are many of you it will be difficult to agree, so create a survey in the doodle app with the possible days or if you are having communication through Facebook, use the surveys on this social network for guests to vote for the date that best suits them.

Surely the decision will not be unanimous, there you will have to arm yourself with courage and close the date yourself. It is best to consult it first, with your friend’s partner in case he has a plan established in those days that could spoil the surprise.

Don’t advance money on the bachelor party

Talking about money is always a taboo subject and it will be complicated if you are a large group, but the best thing is that you establish a budget and put a pot from the first moment.

What is clear is that, if you start putting money out of your pocket, you will lose the account and in the end, you will have paid much more than the others. If you are going to be the treasurer of the group and you are going to collect the money, you can enable a bank account that you have inactive or collect the money through Paypal or similar applications that allow you to make a pot precisely for these things.

Ideas for a bachelor party

A very common mistake when organizing a bachelor party for men is falling into clichés and hiring a stripper or an escort, thinking that the groom has to like it. There are many other possibilities.

  • Organize a trip: If you do it with time, it can be very cheap, a travel package to a European city or a national destination on the beach. We have already seen how to find cheap travel on the Internet, and the tricks to get low-cost hotels and planes. A party at sea, on a boat, a yacht, can also be a great option.
  • Go to an escape room: this activity has quickly become the soul of bachelor parties, not only for men but also for women. There are many varieties that you can choose from and if the groom likes to think, he will surely enjoy escaping from the rooms.
  • Football game: Another idea, if our boyfriend is a lover of this sport, is to rent a football field and thus you have easy the theme of men’s bachelor party costumes. You can dress up the ball host and you as players, play a game, and then organize a picnic on the same lawn.
  • Casino party: it does not have to be in Las Vegas, but you can organize a trip to the casino, it is certainly an entertaining option, although you will have to be careful that no guest has gambling.

How to pick up the groom for his farewell

The most fun when the day of the bachelor party approaches, is the collection of the groom, that moment that is supposedly not expected and that excites us all.

The jokes at the bachelor party have already gone viral and, even if the groom has a bad drink, the guests can die laughing. One of the jokes that have gone around the world thanks to the Internet, is to tie a harness to the groom and make him believe that he is jumping from a bridge when in reality he is jumping off a curb. From there you can get different versions, jump into a river, into a ball pool, the possibilities can be endless and crazy.

Another typical joke for this moment is kidnapping, but be careful not to pass us by, or if our friend is very sensitive he may suffer an anxiety attack and load us with laughter. What is clear is whether it is a joke or not, this moment must be spectacular since it marks the beginning of your adventure.

Organizing a bachelor party for men can be an extra job, it should be fun, but sometimes friends do not agree and it can lead to arguments that completely spoil the activities. That is why if you do not get unanimity on anything and you do not have time to organize the entire farewell yourself, there are many companies that give you everything done, the only thing you will have to agree on is the budget, the date, and activity.