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Theme Parties Beyond Carnival

Theme parties beyond carnival

The carnival is characterized by being a type of joyful celebration where the music encourages us to dance and have fun with our companions. Creativity and color fill the atmosphere during the carnival. And that is why many consider it the funniest party of the whole year.

But, beyond the carnival, there are many other parties! Festivals have their own tradition, their characteristic colors, and their ways of living them. Do you want to discover what kind of parties we are talking about? Here we go!

Flamingo Party

Traditional dance in flamenco parties

Flamenco parties are celebrations where guests learn traditional dance. Generally, it begins with the setting where the music is led by the bulería, the fandango, and many other styles of flamenco style and its greatest hits.

For the most inexperienced, at flamenco parties there is always a teacher who teaches the guests to take their first steps. This makes flamenco parties very fun because even people who have no training in flamenco can participate and enjoy themselves.

Casino Style Celebration

The casino-style is ideal for people who want to have a good time with their friends, enjoy an exclusive atmosphere and have conversations around the gaming tables. It is a great option to encourage the competitive and friendly side that we all have.

Casino-style parties call for the traditional Vegas colors: white, red, black, and a bit of green. Likewise, it needs decoration alluding to cards, dice, money, and chips.

In most of these celebrations, professionals are hired or invited to manage the blackjack and roulette gaming tables.

Beach Party

Beach parties have an easily recognizable aesthetic: Hawaiian. It consists of a party whose atmosphere is built with umbrellas, refreshing drinks served in a coconut, flower necklaces, seafood, torches, tiki statues, fire shows, and a hula dance performance. It all adds up!

As for the music, there should be no shortage of songs to dance to and, of course, the music of Elvis Presley, or even electronic music, everything will depend on the tastes of the guests.

80’s Style Party

Madonna, Michael Jackson, Blondie, and many others…don’t miss them! Because the ’80s is one of the times of greatest musical splendor. And as such, we can’t let an ’80s-inspired party go unmemorable.

80s-style celebrations require specific attire for guests, whether it be jacketed with shoulder pads, bold colors, tutu skirts, and leggings, or outrageous hairstyles. And, if not, we can always choose to imitate one of the pop kings and queens of the time. That way, you will surely win.

Vip Party

VIP parties are to celebrate special occasions, show interest in guests, and make sure everyone feels part of the VIP area. These celebrations have a red carpet, journalists who interview the guests. Magic acts or fire shows, photographers, music, a bar with trained staff, waiters, and a presenter. They are usually full of music and moments to dance to the rhythm of house music or songs of our choice.

How To Hold A Successful Theme Party?

In order to organize a successful theme party, we must take into account the following tips:

Establish a dress code: Attire depends on the theme of the celebration. But it is important to invite people to attend in clothes that fit the atmosphere of the party.

Hire a quality service: The catering service, music, party, and show organizers must be highly professional. And punctual to provide successful results during the celebration.

Plan activities in advance: Activities such as choreography, presentation of guest artists, or presentations among friends should be planned in advance. Although a party is for fun, as hosts we must make sure that everything is planned and people can enjoy the day.

Aspects To Take Into Account When Choosing The Place To Celebrate A Theme Party

Choosing the place to celebrate a theme party depends on the atmosphere of the party, the location of our guests, and our budget; These factors are the most obvious, but below we highlight what other aspects we must take into account:

The number of guests: This number is fundamental since it will determine if we need an intimate place or a very large space so that people can move freely.

The shows we want to hire: The space of the venue will depend on the atmosphere we want to create for the guests. For example, a fire show in a large, open space is best for beach parties. Similarly, a magic act is perfect for an intimate setting.

The size of the dance floors: In the case of parties with dance music. We should have a small dance floor if the genre is to be danced in pairs. On the contrary, we need a big dance floor, for events with electronic music, beach themes, or even pop choreography.

If you are in Madrid and want to organize the best theme party of the moment, contact us. EventOcioMadrid has the technical and human team required for the perfect execution of the celebration you are thinking of.

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