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Travel Tips Save Money And Enjoy More

Travel tips save money and enjoy more

After many years traveling the world for our passion, traveling, one day we realized that there were always small mistakes that muddied the trip at some point, even at other times they even ruined it. At the same time, we realized some situations that we had not planned. And that happened ended up being the best part of the trip, what we could call travel tips.

That is why we decided to write down all those “mistakes” so as not to commit them in the following trips. And in the same way, those things made us feel great or special. Creating an authentic guide of travel tips and tricks with, for now, 100 useful tips for traveling.

What is this travel advice guide?

Travel tips make travel easier

In this guide of tips we are not going to discover, nor do we pretend. All the keys to making your trip 100% perfect. We just want to share our experiences so that your trip gets close to that perfect trip. Many of these tips may be logical or simple, but it never hurts to review them because last-minute unforeseen events are what never usually fail, and that is when we forget the simplest or obvious.

To facilitate its usefulness we have divided it into categories, and as some of the tips can belong to two at the same time we have decided to put them on both sites in case one category does not interest you but the other one and the advice is not lost.

The first tip is that you make your own advice guide and that in each trip you add those mistakes that could annoy you or those things that surprised you for the better.

We have divided this guide into several articles to enliven your reading, but you can download it in full in PDF for free by subscribing to our blog. It also serves as a starting point for making your own travel tips guide. Now you just have to add yours.

Tips for travel preparations and warnings to keep in mind

  1. It is very important that from the moment you decide to make the trip you check that your passport has not expired and that it does not expire 6 months after the end of your trip, this condition is essential in some countries. It must also have more than one unsealed blank page. And the passport should never be broken or with signs of tampering.
  2. To drive in member countries of the European Union, a driving license is sufficient. But for countries that are not members of the European Union and that have not adopted the license model provided for in the Geneva or Vienna Conventions, an international driving license is necessary. To process it, you can consult the DGT website.
  3. If you travel to an EEC country, you must activate the European health card. On the official website of the Ministry of Inclusions, Social Security. And Migrations you can find everything you need, both information and how to process it.
  4. Find out if the country you are going to visit requires a visa, some are processed electronically, but others require to be processed at the embassy and can take a long time to be processed. In our tools section, you can find useful apps and websites to find out which countries require a visa.
  5. If you travel to the United States or make a stopover at any of its airports. It is necessary that you complete the online authorization called ESTA.

There is only one official website to process the ESTA. The cost of the processing charged by the US Government is 14 dollars. Only use this official website as there are many processing companies that charge for the same Management. That you will do on the official website much more than $ 14.

  1. It is very important that when making your flight reservation you indicate your full name and surname. As they appear on your passport or ID. If they don’t match, they can deny you boarding.

Tips for luggage and important items

Making the perfect luggage can be quite complicated but not impossible. Having a travel checklist so you don’t leave anything can be a good start. In this regard, we recommend that you read our article “22 tricks to make the perfect suitcase ” which also comes with a very complete checklist to do the baggage without leaving anything.

  1. Do not fill the entire space of the suitcase, you will surely make purchases during your trip, reserve a space for those purchases.
  2. Always have your luggage identified, both the one you check-in and the hand luggage. Enter your phone number with the prefix of your country and your email.
  3. Take a good backpack with you, it will be a great investment because you will carry it with you all day.
  4. Always carry a mobile charger with you and don’t lose track of it. It is usually one of the most forgotten objects.
  5. Check the type of plugs used in the country you are traveling to and bring an adapter. You can buy them on Amazon or in a Chinese store.
  6. If you travel to a cold country, be sure to wear sturdy footwear and socks, gloves. And a hat made of fleece material. Feet, hands, and ears are the parts that used to feel cold.
  7. If you travel to countries where the temperature varies a lot throughout the day. For example, in a safari, take the onion layer system that you can take off as the temperature rises and not just a very warm garment.
  8. Always have a large sarong or scarf on hand. Sometimes the air conditioning in the plane or in restaurants is very powerful. And although it can be very hot on the street. Spaniards are not used to environments with air conditioning that is too cold. In addition, in some religious places, it is mandatory due to its customers and you may need it.
  9. Take some booties or socks by hand, in mosques and some temples in Asia it is necessary to enter without shoes.

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