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When Is The Halloween Celebration And Why?

When is the Halloween celebration and why?

The origin of the Halloween celebration with a religious sense, contrary to what many think, is Celtic and not American.

Pumpkins, witches, ghosts, and zombies take to the streets of our cities this October 31, unleashing fear wherever they pass. Children, adults, and even pets will put on their most terrifying clothes to celebrate Halloween night. The celebration prior to All Saints’ Day is gaining more and more followers in our country, making this date something special.

This year 2021 Halloween celebration night will be celebrated this Sunday, October 31. Families and friends will spend a magical night with the essential ingredients to enjoy in a big way: good company, tasty food, and fun activities.

Party For Children And Adults

the Halloween celebration party

Both children and adults enjoy this magical moment. That can be a good opportunity to strengthen the bonds of families and friends. And, the best way to celebrate this celebration is to do it in a social way. And share great moments with us.

The smallest of the house can have a great time drawing or painting dark monsters or watching movies with a terrifying atmosphere with their parents. Another activity that drives children crazy is doing the famous ‘trick or treat’ with their neighbors. Playing with your friends, eating sweets, or decorating the house in a chilling way are plans that will make this night unforgettable for the ‘little ones’.

But children are not the only ones who enjoy this party, as adults and young people take the opportunity to go out with their friends to party and move the skeleton. Going to our favorite meeting place or a party place can be a great idea to experience the night of the dead in the best way. However, staying at home can also be a great option if we do it watching a movie, playing board games, or simply enjoying a pleasant after-dinner.

The Costumes, Common Ground

Something essential that can not be missing in any Halloween celebration party, whether for children or adults, is the costumes. Walking pumpkins, zombies, vampires, werewolves or witches are some of the protagonists tonight. Most boys and girls love to dress up and then play games and unleash an imagination that knows no limits.

Adults also take on the appearance of the scariest monsters and some try to add a spark of originality and humor to their outfits. Most handymen also dare to make their own confections and thus save some money.

Because Halloween Is Celebrated?

The term ‘Halloween’ comes from ‘All Hallows’ Eve ‘which, translated into our language, means’ All Hallows ‘Eve’. Other ways of referring to this holiday are ‘Samhain’ or ‘Halloween’.

The United States is the most excessive and curious country when it comes to celebrating tonight.

The origins of Halloween are related to the Celtic festival of Samhain, which marked the end of summer. The harvesting of crops, and the beginning of the Celtic New Year.

The Celts believed that on the festival of Samhain the lines that separated the world from the living. And the world from the dead narrowed to the point that the two could converge. Allowing spirits to reach the earthly plane. In fact, the Celts invited deceased relatives and tried to drive away evil spirits, using costumes and masks to scare them.

Pay Holiday

This merely pagan holiday began to transform when Christianity tried to take it on its calendar. Specifically, Popes Gregory III (731-741) and Gregory IV (827-844) tried to supplant Samhain for All Saints’ Day.

However, the rise of the Halloween celebration would come for centuries to come. In the middle of the 19th century, it landed on the American continent thanks to the many Irish immigrants who arrived in the United States and Canada.

This is where the Halloween that we all know today is ‘born’. The Irish spread customs across the Atlantic such as the well-known ‘trick or treat’. In which the Celts believed that an evil spirit would go from house to house tonight ‘trick or treat’.

Why Are Pumpkins Used On Halloween?

Another of the customs that the Irish traveled with was that of carving pumpkins and putting candles inside them. Managing to illuminate the houses and thus ward off these evil spirits and avoid the terrifying ‘trick or treating’. The tradition that emerged in Ireland was to turn carved turnips into lamps, alluding to the legend of  Jack o ‘Lantern, about a phenomenon of strange lights that twinkled in the swamps.

It would not be until 1921 that the first Halloween parade would be held in Minnesota. From there, the expansion of this party has not stopped, to the point of returning to Europe. And becoming one of the most important parties in many countries such as Spain or Italy.  Partly thanks to the American film industry and sagas such as Halloween ‘.

During that night, where magic and terror converge, the children (and the not so young) walk dressed as all kinds of monsters through the streets from door to door asking for sweets, in a more ‘sweet’ and renewed version of the ‘trick or treat’.

Halloween in Spain

In our country, the Halloween celebration is relatively recent. However, this festival is gaining strength year after year to the point of becoming an event that becomes the front page of the news.

People go out in disguise during this magical night wearing their most terrifying finery. Many clubs hold special parties where it is essential to go dressed up. And the smallest of the house call their neighbors to ask for trinkets and chocolate.

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