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Chill Hangout With Themed Dance Parties.

Summer Wines Party

Any other way to make the hot summers better? We really do not think so. Make sure to attend the summer wines party that we organize and have the time of your life.

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From Our Clients

One of the best parties I have ever been to. They make it a point to elevate the spirits if celebration and engage everyone to the fullest.

- Sue Sims

Best Bar Next To The Beach

Beach and Bar two amazing combinations. They happen to be side by side; there is nothing better than that. We are considered to be one of the best beach bars in the world.

Why We Are?

Dance Parties

Our dance parties are one of the best in the world. Our DJs will make sure that they will make you tap your legs and shake your body.

Unlimited Wines

Dirk all that you can. We have unlimited wine for our exclusive customers that we offer only for you.

Variety Of Dishes

We have the best chefs who can cook dishes from all cuisines. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the food.

From Our Blog

10 Best Teen Or Tween Party Themes

  1. Spa Party Theme

What young lady wouldn’t love this Sophisticated Tween Spa Party? There are such a large number of incredible thoughts with regards to a spa party. This should dependably be possible at home, or you can take your birthday woman and a couple of her unique companions to your nearby spa for a mani/pedi.

  1. Boho Party Theme

This Colorful Boho Party is positively on-pattern at the present time. This gathering has heaps of boho-chic motivation for your youngster’s enormous birthday slam. No one said raising a pre-youngster or adolescent is simple, however with these awesome high schooler birthday party thoughts, you’re certain to keep the harmony at home! They’ll adore being blessed to receive a “more established” birthday subject, and you’ll cherish that they are having a ton of fun with their companions.

  1. Vintage Detective Party

This Vintage Detective Birthday Party is an extraordinary tween or high schooler birthday party thought that any child would totally cherish! You can get extremely innovative with this topic and have the children “understand” violations.

  1. Luau Party

A Hawaiian Luau is an ideal topic for tweens and youngsters! Who doesn’t love a decent summer party?! In the event that you have a pool, the children can swim and have some good times! There are such a large number of innovative thoughts you can accomplish for a luau topic like a pineapple palm tree organic product show!

  1. Design Party – Dior and Diamonds Party Theme

This Diamonds and Dior Party is supreme flawlessness! Do you have a few divas at home passing on to locate the ideal subject for their next birthday? Attempt this one on for size!

  1. Teen Harry Potter Party

Another Teen birthday party thought that is sexually impartial is a Harry Potter Party subject! if your kid is a Harry Potter fan, this topic is an easy decision. Have the children come spruced up in their Harry Potter ensembles for some remarkable photograph operations.

  1. Mad Scientist Party Theme

A youngster birthday party thought that could incorporate fun and wacky investigations is a cool Mad Scientist Party. Another fun impartial subject, this topic is ideal for any science-adoring high schooler or tween in your family!


  1. Art Party

This particular Art Theme Party for Girls is an incredible thought for the craftsman in your life! , it tends to be effectively switched up to be a kid topic, also. This is such an incredible thought and a fun route for every one of the children to remove their very own little bits of craftsmanship home from the gathering.

  1. Camping Party

In case you’re on the chase for an open-air party subject, why not design an Outdoor Camping Party, total with a flame pit and s’mores! Get inventive with this high schooler party topic with a cop fire cake, wooden serving platters, and a fun forager chase for the children

  1. Glow in the Dark Party

Presently this Neon Glow In The Dark Birthday Party resembles an ideal youngster birthday party though! This is an extraordinary subject for young men or young ladies. Get your old dark lights and stock up on gleam in obscurity pieces of jewelry to begin making the coolest sparkle in obscurity topic for your high schooler or tween!


We organize special family nights when you can come with your whole family and have a great time.