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How To Dress Up As Catrina Costume

How to dress up as Catrina costume

This Halloween or Carnival dazzles everyone with an original costume that is also very feminine! Yes, we are talking about the Catrina costume clothing in which makeup is of great importance since it plays with colors and elements that move between gloom and beauty. If this year you want to know how to dress up as a Catrina, in the following article, we will discover the steps you must follow to wear an ideal costume for your party. With simple tricks, you will learn to make your homemade costume with which you will be spectacularly beautiful. Do we try it?

How to dress up as Catrina costume?

You can buy your Mexican skull costume or learn how to make it yourself at home. If you opt for this second option, you should know that one of the most important elements of this outfit is, without a doubt, makeup. For this reason, we will start by talking to you about how makeup has to be to dress up as Catrina and achieve a perfect result, take note!

Although there are many variants regarding the makeup of the Catrina costume, the truth is that there are some common points that are decisive for this costume:

  • All white face: You must paint your entire face with white makeup to be completely covered in this color. If you want, you can just make up your face without painting your neck and, thus, make a mask effect.
  • The nose painted black: It is another of the essential points of the Mexican skull’s makeup. The design that you give to this part of the face can be whatever you want, although, in general, a black diamond is drawn on the tip of the nose.
  • Highlighted eyes: To emulate that your face is that of a skull, we must also mark the eyes’ cavity in black. Here you can be as creative as you want since you can make the outline in the shape of a flower, put glitter on it, combine several colors with black, etc.
  • Boca healed: The last essential element for your costume is the one we want is that in addition to paint your lips (can be of the same target with which you have covered the skin, black or red), you draw a straight line occupying your cheeks. On it, you should make two or three vertical stripes emulating scars.

Step 1

Within your Catrina makeup, you can add some personalized elements that go to each person’s taste. For example, you can combine different colors and black and red (which are the traditional ones of the costume) and dare with more vivid and striking tones such as pink, blue, lilac, etc.

Step 2

Some women make a detail or decorative motif in the chin area such as, for example, a flower, a tribal, a heart, and so on; drawing that highlights femininity and adds a sweet touch to makeup. The same happens with the forehead area that many women also choose to make up with some tribal elements or with the drawing of a spider web.

Step 3

Once we have the makeup ready, it is time to start thinking about the clothing. In general, you should know that Catrina’s basic colors are red, black, and white and that, being a woman who represents death, the aesthetics will always have Gothic reminiscences. In any case, we find costumes that also incorporate other more striking colors such as pink, yellow, among others, and, equally, they will fit perfectly with your costume!

Step 4

To dress up as Catrina, you must look for a black or red skirt and, yes, that has a bit of flight because we are looking for a dark image. While the skirt is flared, the top of the suit should be as tight as possible and, if you can, buy a corset to fit your waist even more. As long as it is black, it will be enough. We just want it to be fitted and to mark your curves well.

Step 5

The costume’s legs can be covered with black stockings (thick or transparent, as you prefer!) You can also take advantage of this part of the body to draw the bones that we have in the lower limbs. Of course: to enhance your feminine figure and enhance your body, we recommend that, on your feet, you wear shoes with heels or platforms since, in this way, you will be able to stylize your figure and be perfect.

Final step

We are going to talk about the Mexican skull costume hairstyle. Surely you have noticed that all of them are always groomed with large and colorful flowers scattered throughout their hair. This is an essential element for the suit and you will not be able to do without it if you want a 100% flattering result.

You can do many hairstyles for this suit, but the simplest of all is to choose to wear your hair ground and place different large clip or hairpin flowers in the area of ​​the bangs or as if it were a ribbon across the entire head. You can opt for red flowers or a mixture of bright and striking colors.

If you want an original hairstyle, a great option for this suit is that you choose to penetrate from the side, that is, separate all your hair to one side of your body (collecting the hair of the collected part well) and fill all your hair with flowers large and showy. This look is perfect for women with longer and busier hair.

If you have short hair, the best thing you can do is leave it on the ground or, if not, make a semi-collected by giving volume to the top of the head with a carding.